Whether it is doing the entire property or just the main floor and a master bedroom, our mission is to utterly change a vacant space into a stunningly photogenic and welcoming space. Along with neutral colour schemed furniture pieces, we use classy colourful pops of focal pieces, décor and paintings to elevate the look of each space. Our personally-customized staging is no cookie cutting project!


Incorporating furniture and décor of the home owner, TU INTERIORS  will bring in various décor, furniture and art to transform the space into a decluttered, and a fluffed up look. Our team will consolidate with the realtor and homeowner on the target buyer market and style, to achieve best results for the seller.


Not only can TU INTERIORS sell our furniture and décor to buyers that fall in love with our staging, we also do custom orders for brand new pieces, and become a personal shopper for you throughout the Lower Mainland. Whether it is all the furniture and décor in a home, or just a few items, we do it all!